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Panda Lab is dedicated to the proposition that the custom photo lab should not become an endangered species.

We founded Panda in 1983 to provide superior traditional black & white processing and printing to the most demanding professional, commercial, and
discerning amateur clients.  Our work has traveled around the world in countless images viewed in print publications, on museum walls, on the pages of
family scrapbooks, and these days, on the latest high-tech monitors.

With the arrival of the digital era, our range of services expanded to include state-of-the-art color printing, digital image enhancement, E-6 and C-41 film
processing, heirloom photo scanning and reproduction, and more.

While we’ve enthusiastically embraced digital technology, we remain committed to our traditionalist roots. We apply our insightful artistry and decades of
expertise to many forms of photographic imaging and fine art reproduction, ranging from the traditional silver gelatin fiber base prints we’ve always offered
to the latest archival giclee prints.   

Our classical photographic training and depth of experience make a difference you can see whether in a beautiful 4 x 6 proof or an exquisite 40 x 60
exhibition grade display print.

Above all, we love the joy, wonder, and satisfaction that result from creating art with any kind of camera.  Whether an image was created with the most
basic plastic “toy” camera or the latest digital marvel, we’re focused on helping artists realize creative expression or document lives and events, places and

We’re equally committed to preserving photographic history. We offer restoration services, and both digital and traditional options for saving and
reproducing precious images, whether from your family shoebox archive or from a museum collection.   
                                                                                                                                                            Dana Drake
                                                                                                                                                            Mary Fleenor
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